Sunday, March 7, 2010

I will always beside you.

To: My Dear Magdeline Sim Hui Wen lover.
Dear i Love you so much and I thank God that I have a nice partner in my life. we in the world, no 1 is perfect and everyone sure have a mistake. If no one make a mistake then we are GOD. so dear from that dear learn something and dear will get more experience. we should thank God that we still alive and HE is a Good Father to all of us. He can forgive us when we really ask for forgiveness. Dear forget the pass and look for the future. I always beside you dear and i love you so much. muacksssssssss. Dear, our Heaven Father can forgive us our mistake and our sin. As in the bible said: we are look like our Heaven Father. So I do not mind about that dear.. do not carry or think about it k?? Muackss... I Anton Winoto Only Love My Dear Magdeline Sim Hui Wen Forever and ever until i die.. muacks...
God Bless Us.
From: LoVely Anton Winoto.