Saturday, July 5, 2014

My feeling.

Already pass few months. everyday busy with my work.. always argue about work, friends and family. but i handle it with my faith and give to mighty God. All the problem will have the solution. problem everyone have. we need to settle it do not run when the problem come. yes i had been run away from Jesus for few months. because of my relationship and my daily life is really broken. i away from church, everything go good. i am very well and enjoy. but my love doesn't make me fulfill. because i had been a worst choice to let go my be lover. as i though i am strong enough. but end up i am a lonely man. from this i had been wasted my time doing nothing. every monday to saturday just keep working and sunday sleep until afternoon. my life like this. keep repeating. for few weeks i feel enjoy. but end up i more sad. why ? i just keep feel i am lonely.. and away from god is a good choice also.. i thought i can handle it with my own brain and will go it very well. but end up i get more hurt. problem with my work place and my staff. i feel like i am smart enough but end up i had nothing. have more friend is good. they also can share about outside news and also idea. family, how i am they still love me. specially my mum. she keep telling the GOD's Words. keep repeating everyday. one day i saw her cry, she pray to me for happiness. i am really happy that i have my mum. how ever i do she love me. i just don't bother her and keep let her sad and cry. yes she not cry in font of me. she keep ask around my friend about me. until my friend scold me. what happen with your family? i just keep silence.. from this i had slap and remind me how important is family. i really thank to God Jesus that i have a great MUM that i have.

today suddenly i heart the song of (好久不见) i keep repeating the song and make me think back my ex girlfriend. i take out my CD that she gave me for our 1st anniversary gift. this the best gift that i had before. its not expensive but its valuable. its our 1 year memory happy and tears. when i see this i feel that uni time very sweet because of i have a great Girlfriend. she is the best to me. she care me love me sayang me. how matter we argue she will say sorry to me what matter i wrong she will say sorry to me and make me happy. i am really happy with her. when i watch the CD that she gave me. first she change a lot from her out looks. last time i remember she had a nonong head. which is indonesian word nonong means luo han yu. chinese fish. she had a great head. haha... we went to muar together with uni friend and and we have take pic that she wearing the formal and i am wearing a sunway shirt. its really sweetness. i keep remember when she emo or sad she will listening the song and sometimes will cry. i had been make her smile always but not always. i remember she like to play sudoku.. hahaha... i also join it and play. she always say me slow.. hahha yes i agree that i am slow.. i feel that i am the happiness in the world that i have my other side of partner. its really sad for me to let her go.. she had been lost control and very emo.. i make her have a different girl. she is a cute, smart, have a big dream, have a big confident and more. after i break up with her. she totaly change, she no more confident and no target in her life. as i know and i feel and see. i am really feel my fault that i make this girl totally lost in her big dream. i had try to get back with her. but she reject me. She said she no confident with me. yes she said is correct because i had let her go like this. and i want to get her back like this. everything have change. time cannot go back. its hurt and how ever its already pass. i just want her back last time. as she said she have many dream to aim. i want make her to a chief the dream. what can i do now is i keep pray for her healthy and family and friend around her. i feel this i can make for her.

我來到 你的城市 走過你來時的路
想像著 沒我的日子 你是怎樣的孤獨
拿著你 給的照片 熟悉的那一條街
只是沒了你的畫面 我們回不到那天
我會帶著笑臉 揮手寒喧
和你 坐著聊聊天
不再去說從前 只是寒喧
對你說一句 只是說一句 好久不見

this song make me think about her.
by the way God Bless you all and my family and friends and my ex Girlfriend.
Good night.