Monday, November 25, 2013

24 Nov 2013

Sunday, i had spend almost a day with her.. 24 Nov is my special day and i wont let this day unhappy.. because its a good to me..
Saturday night we and my few friends went to the astro battle.. we watch the dance and the pop.. and she said her friend was join the competition and its amazing.. when we reach he at the stage performed.. hahaha... we enjoy the dance and also know few friends... after we watch we eat at jalan petaling.. after that we going home. after i back home i not sleep until 4 am.. because i rushing make the stars for her.. and i wrote my feeling to her.. make her to be strong and do not get hurt with the relationship.. awhile i make the stars my eyes keep closing.. hahaha... finally i done with it and put 2 dian er for her.. which mean hope she have a good mans to love her and protect her.. i should want make 99 dian er but i cant make it.. because it take 5 mins to make one... so i no time to do this.. sorry about this.. 99 mean forever..
we morning go to church after church we had lunch at paradigm mall at chilli restaurant. hahaha.. i enjoy it and first i think why she not keep look at her phone and smsing wth him leh?? is it they have a problem? argue or already become single?? and i ask her and she said ntg lo... after we had our lunch we walk walk and not longer she feel want go for the motor show.. at PWTC, i willing to go with her again.. i already went there on Saturday.. hahaha... at the end we went to the PWTC.. in side i keep see her, she start pressing her phone.. and i go see her... hahha.. at first not her bf.. i feel... wow... now she have more friends... good... but i saw her phone that her bf name.. i feel sad... hahaha... she keep busying chat and press her phone... haiz.... after that night we having dinner with chee hong so we 3 having dinner and talk a lot.. we have fun and also chat with ch mum... his mum very friendly.. hehhee... we finish eat our dinner we going home.. on the way home we also have talk and i tell her about my feeling .. but i still have some cant tell her... i dont know why... but i just want to say i still love her... yes you have bf and i will protect you when you need it.. ^^ i also dont know why i do this... maybe i love you too much gua... some of my friends and my family member said to me you sot liao la... but i tell them you cant ajudted us like this.. not i kena use or play... is i ask her and she ask me so... so cant be i sot... hahhaa.... okay la... its already pass and we just a friend... i just wish her happy... ^^ i will always curi curi love you from behind...


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

back to write my feeling in this few weeks

4th Nov to 14 Nov i went to China for work with my Mother. We had safety back to Malaysia, Thanks God give us safe and smooth when we at China. I has learn a lot in ten days. i learn how to deal with the person, give them a great and have a basic of personal respect. i also train myself how to cool down my anger. example normally when people shout at me i will though he or she angry at me and so that i shout him or her back. most of them speak very laughs and no manner. because of their daily life and also normal to them. i had learn how to see the product and also see around to other factory. example we have gone thou the fan factory and we ask for the product and we also have to compare with other factory which is same model and different the price and also the value.
In my mind i want to be a small boss, which mean i want to try to take my own things to Malaysia and sell in local.. i had my own saving and i would try to make it more than what i have now. example i have 1k and i make it to 2k and slowly to make more model. first i told my mother my idea but my mother reply me better do not do this. if you want make this Panalux company become bigger and every year will get bonus.. but i replied a bonus just like a few month of the salary.. hahaha... my mind too greedy.. hahahaha!!! i rethink i shouldn't do this. because i do not have a experiences and i cant too greedy and think of myself.. however parent will let their son the best. so i will prove myself to get more marketing in this company..
after few days i back from China i had an idea to create a online shops. which is i sell my company product in the online such as facebook, blogs, and many more.. first my mother like agree with my idea.. but she told me must tell father and team with your brother to get know more a knowledge. At the end i share my idea with all which is my parent, my brother and my da sao. i just said online product he strait said NO! i feel sad and i reply him why? he said NO mean NO! and my brother speak to my father you should explain why you said NO. and my father still not give the reason. and i argue with him.. like this our company cant become bigger and our sales still the same.. second if we selling in the internet our company Panalux might people know it and also give our company advertising space! He just reply me now you are warehouse Leader so just make sure your warehouse keep clean make work normal.. i am sad and feel sad because of this.. haiz....
i feel i am not value in this company and i rethink i also not listen what my boss want me to do.. i always reject and argue with him... hahaha... because some of the reason i not respect him la.. hahaha... secret... ^^

Few days ago i saw her FB and she wrote she feel sad.. i feel what happen to her?? she not happy with her study? stress?? or her relationship have problem? or maybe she miss me?? hahaha this impossible.. because she not love me anymore.. by the way i just hope she happy and always pray to Jesus and Jesus will lead you to the true of the heaven way... HE will give you everything goods to You.. I will always pray for your study and your family and daily life...
I had shock that she sms me .. hahaha... its make me feel happy but i will remind it anton she just your friend... do not thing too much.. hahaha... by the way just hope she will happy... even thou she not mine... she happy i also will happy..

Anton Winoto

Thursday, November 14, 2013

love faith

When you really love Someone, you'd do everything for her.
Even if it is what you least enjoy doing, you'd still do it without complaint.
This love faith!

You cant lie to yourdself forever, you will have to face up to your feelings one day.
No one could resist temptations no matter how lofty his idealswere.
Anton winoto

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Few more hours i will fly to China.. i feel sad because leave malaysia... i gone to be a muture man... to see the world... need to be more responsible... anton jia you.. i will be the best for my work and my future... i will let my family and company see that my value is high.. ^^ lets the pass to be my lesson, today is janour and tomorrow is the future... this few days busy not update too much... some more i will less to write my blog... i will be the best... hope all my friend happy and healthy... especially her... hope she happy... and enjoy her life... pray more get more... less pray less bless... no pray no bless...