Sunday, March 7, 2010

I will always beside you.

To: My Dear Magdeline Sim Hui Wen lover.
Dear i Love you so much and I thank God that I have a nice partner in my life. we in the world, no 1 is perfect and everyone sure have a mistake. If no one make a mistake then we are GOD. so dear from that dear learn something and dear will get more experience. we should thank God that we still alive and HE is a Good Father to all of us. He can forgive us when we really ask for forgiveness. Dear forget the pass and look for the future. I always beside you dear and i love you so much. muacksssssssss. Dear, our Heaven Father can forgive us our mistake and our sin. As in the bible said: we are look like our Heaven Father. So I do not mind about that dear.. do not carry or think about it k?? Muackss... I Anton Winoto Only Love My Dear Magdeline Sim Hui Wen Forever and ever until i die.. muacks...
God Bless Us.
From: LoVely Anton Winoto.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fish day...

hari ini, akeh masalah... gemes dan mencek no... haiz... bingung dan gak tau kok gini ya?? zzz... merasa aku kok gilo......................................... males nulis... hehe

Monday, January 18, 2010

paper.. ^^

my dear give me ^^ muacks... hehe. thank you dear.. love you. ^^

Saturday, January 16, 2010

new target

this year, i have a target that make my daily used. i had bought a small note book and write all that i buy thing and record it down so i can know what i use and how much do i spend it.. ^^ i want spend some money for my future dear.. ^^


this few days, very unhappy and upset... haiz.... dont know i feel that i am down and like not a man.. i dont know la... but i just sad that why i dont dare to do something that i want do infornt of ppl?? am i still pai seh?? haiz...... a lot haiz in this weeks... a very sadly... i dont know wat happen to me?? why i so fast upset and no energy to be strong ne?? why o??? haiz.. ppl said i bu shuang someone and tell a lot story make me angry and until my gf also sad.. haiz... wat happen ne?? who is the one keep want us unhappy?? or the person want us to be leave each other?? i can say that i dont care wat happen i wont leave my gf. maybe i will angry but i wont leave her.. i really love her.. i can tell in here. i nothing with my ex. i just want said that my ex cheat me.. and she is the bitch.. i dont want to talk about it.. but tdy i got mood so i share in here.. she good person but she had 2 face. 1 is fake nice person and in behide different ppl.. for example, with me wah so good, and not with me. got a boy like her, she like want him to love her and like wat de la.. dont know how to discreap her.. at least now i know and i break with her..maybe she unhappy that i break with her. so she want kacau me and my gf.. I can tell u dear that i love u now, more than everthing. i believe that u are the best to me.. bcs dear so care me and love me... i can say that i have alot ex and Magdeline Sim Hui Wen is my lovely girlfriend. i'm serious and honestly that i really love u more then them.. my heart feel that a lot of love from u dear.. muacks.... i really want accompany with dear until old.. i will walk together, run together, smile together, cry together, happy together, and a lot thing i want to with u dear.. muacks!!!! i love u dear..

Monday, January 11, 2010

first day of sem 4

haha.. today woke up later. woke up around 7.40. hehe.. i just go brush teeth and wash face than go eat break fast. hehe^^. first subject is my accounting. my xi huan de subject.. hehe.. but i forget all the account.. hehe.. and my f4 and 5 use BM. now is BI. haha.. a bit harder.. ^^ but its k. i will try it.. ^^
today i saw my dear dear.. ^^ i feel shy.. haha.. so sorry that i not go to u dear.. i really shy.. hehe.. i really want with u dear at the time.. but i having class. hehe. sorry dear. ^^ after meet with my dear, and the way i wlk to the computer lab my dear msg me.. hehe.. she so cute. ^^ muacksssssssss... love u dear.. ^^ and i like her sms that said "dear i very misss you very much and kissssss". muacks !!!!!!!! hehe... after that i went to my class ^^
around 4 we smsing and i ask her eat together. but she got something to do so its k. after she done. she sms me and ask me. whether want go pyramid or go rock cafe. and i told her that i probility cant go pyramid bcs i cant back home too late. i ask my dear go with her friend lo ^^.. but tuesday we will meet .. ^^ muacks...
sunday, we watch movie together ^^.. in the cinema dear's hand are cold and i just hold her hand.. so sad that i cant make her warm. i want to hug her. but the chair very hard for us to hug. hehe... i want to take out my clouth and give her. but i scare ppl around me will run away.. hehe. haha.. ^^ dear dear.. am i funny or crazy ppl?? haha.. at night we went play badminton. at the last all my family know my dear ^^.. muackssssss.. dear i love u so much.. ^^
today have 3 hours break. in that time i and jeff went to pyramid and we went to popular.. i bought 1 small note book. and i want to record daily for my money used. ^^.. i post until here first. hehe.. ^^ lastly, i love my dear more and m0re ^^

Sunday, January 3, 2010


today normal day, last few days, my dear went to test drive. she all pass just only 1 on the road fail... so sad... its okay dear, i always support u all the time. next time u can do the best.. ^^ hehe... dear dear.. xiao baby.. i love u so much.. ^^
now a days i feel that no see her i gone miss her soooo much.. i think if i go back to indo how?? haha... sure our contact lesser.. i dont know wat happen.. but i'm sure i will miss her more more more de...
last few days, my dear call me wei leh.. haha... a bit xin dong loh... she spend around rm 4 to call me just for 13 mins... haha.. this is the 2nd times she call me leh.. hehe... its k la... i know she want spend money.. ^^
this few days my family finaly know that i have gf.. hehe... first is my sis known it first. than she told my grandmother and mum. so on my bro know bcs he sleep with me all the night. my dad finally known too. he know from my mum.. ^^
this summer i work in my mum office, 1 day just rm 45. i just worked 15 days.. so i just get it rm 675.. so sad... if i full month work i get rm 1500... its a lot weh... hehe.. its k. ^^ smile always and be happy guy.. ^^
God Bless My Family always, and my xiao baby.. ^^