Sunday, January 3, 2010


today normal day, last few days, my dear went to test drive. she all pass just only 1 on the road fail... so sad... its okay dear, i always support u all the time. next time u can do the best.. ^^ hehe... dear dear.. xiao baby.. i love u so much.. ^^
now a days i feel that no see her i gone miss her soooo much.. i think if i go back to indo how?? haha... sure our contact lesser.. i dont know wat happen.. but i'm sure i will miss her more more more de...
last few days, my dear call me wei leh.. haha... a bit xin dong loh... she spend around rm 4 to call me just for 13 mins... haha.. this is the 2nd times she call me leh.. hehe... its k la... i know she want spend money.. ^^
this few days my family finaly know that i have gf.. hehe... first is my sis known it first. than she told my grandmother and mum. so on my bro know bcs he sleep with me all the night. my dad finally known too. he know from my mum.. ^^
this summer i work in my mum office, 1 day just rm 45. i just worked 15 days.. so i just get it rm 675.. so sad... if i full month work i get rm 1500... its a lot weh... hehe.. its k. ^^ smile always and be happy guy.. ^^
God Bless My Family always, and my xiao baby.. ^^

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