Tuesday, December 29, 2009

busy day

today my 14 days work. today is the tired day.. whole day busy and sweating.. haha.. but its fun, and good to me.. when busy, the time pass very fast.. hehe.. ^^ tmr my 15 days work and i will get rm 675.. so sad so few.. if i didnt help the open day. i will get rm 1500 until 4jan 2010..hehe.. but its k... ^^ today my dear xiao baby went back to jb liao... so sad and miss her so much.. T.T she came here on sunday and she came withher mother, and 2 brother.. on sunday i just fetch her and her family from sunway pyramid to her house.. i cant accompany them to eat dinner cs i have to eat dinner with my grandmother. bcs my grandmother on monday go back to hong kong. its okay, at least i saw my dear.. ^^ she became more white and a bit fat, (dont angry o) hehe...
my dear said i didnt change much.. mean my out look.. ^^ mean i still lengzhai lo..keke... i so perasan de o.. kaka... dear i miss u to much leh... ^^
yesterday, monday i want eat with my dear and dear's family but dear said like paiseh... haha... ^^ its k.. ^^ next time must.. ^^
yesterday night, the day before my dear go back to jb. i meet my dear and we talk talk... ^^ haha... my english so broken... its k, i will try to improve it.. ^^ my dear said that time so sweet.. ^^ and also happy.. me too dear. ^^
just back to pasar malam... so sad, went there and raining .. so cant walk too long... haha..

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