Monday, December 14, 2009

Good & Bad...

morning, today i wake up so late. because yesterday play badminton until late and i won all the match. know why?? because i use my dear's racket.. ^^ and yesterday i feel not good before playing badminton. bcs someone ask me about myself and seriously yesterday i want to be lie, but i dont want lie to her. 2ppl together must be honest to each other if not wont be happy. finally i tell HER about meand she like mind about my pass and i feel down and i really dont know wat can i do to her. i got think before if she mind with me i will respect her. i really upset, this is my 2nd time very sad for HER and i like useless boy to her.. haiz..... dont know la.... short cut, at night she sms me and she said she dont mind about my pass than i feel happy lo.. but i can tell here i not that kind of person. bcs last time i was kid and i dont know wat is love and that time i with ex is just like a close friend just talk about our news to each other and sharing.
Today i went to college late, i reach college around 1020, i reach the restaurant mr. Daniel ask me to help the table setting first only train my flaring. than i just listen wat he ask me to do lo... ^^ after finish do the table setting. i and Roy practice first for half and hour then mr . Deniel come and he ask me flaring first, i feel (takut) hehe... bcs i am the first person leh.... ^^ but anyway i try my best to flaring lo... ^^ but that first time i do the worse leh... haiz.... afterthat we take turn and mr. Daniel ask me do more skill and he teach me a lot. so i learn until 130 than i go eat my lunch alone at hotline aunt there until 2. after i finish my lunch i go to restaurant and see. no one is there so i just practice myself..... short cut. around 350 mr. Daniel ask us do the last flaring so roy do first than me. hehe... i feel that my last flaring is the best want.. ^^ hehe.. i feel so happy bcs i can flare nice and good. mr. Daniel said i improve a lot.. ^^ thank you mr. Daniel... ^^ and the most i want to thank is Magdeline Sim Hui Wen, she ask me dont easy to give up and she always support me.. ^^ around 445 my sister fetch me back home... than i so hungry than go eat my dinner around 515. awhile eat i was smsing with my dear. when i sms to her, she like no mood to sms with me. i think she like mind my past lo... haiz.... dont know la... now in my mind what is love?? is it just protect her?? and make her happy??? and love the person is it must mind her or his pass??? Zzzz... i stop here.. next time i chat ba... want sms with her now.. ^^

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