Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tired day.

At 9 need to work until to 2 o'clock than around 3 to 6.00 went to usj 23, play badminton with my grandmother, mother, sister, my friend (marwick) and I. I play badminton using my dear's racket. hehe... so nice, dear racket just for me. no one can touch it.. ^^ just now around 5 o'clock, my sister want use my dear racket, but i dont let her. she a bit angry lo.. hehe... sorry sister, cs my lover racket.. ^^ after play badminton i felt tired, but my mum and sis said go out eat dinner.. so must go out eat dinner lo... we eat at puchong AP restaurant.. after eat we go eat, we went to see new house around puchong.. ^^ i feel happy bcs want to shift house.. ^^ but puchong house there sure expensive... dear i very very very miss u whole day leh... ^^ i love Magdeline Sim Hui Wen alot.. She tell me all her news... tdy she went to pc fair. tdy she a bit unhappy bcs she cant buy new laptop. dear its okay, now you using ur laptop also quite nice ma.. just only the ram not enough. add 2gb ram sure not lag any more dear.. ^^ tonight my dear went to yam cha with her's friend. i want go but its too far.. ^^ its okay, we still sms each other.. ^^ muacks...
until here first... i want reply my dear sms.. hehe.. ^^

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