Sunday, December 20, 2009

19 and 20 dec....

sat and sun i help the sunway university college open day.. i helping the flaering.. hehe.. its fun but a bit scare. bcs i just learn it just a week.. but its okay, bcs my dear always support me.. ^^
but on that 2 days i bottle kaca until my hand got blood.. so sad.. ^^ but still smile lo.. ^^ hehe..
this 2 days i know that i not much time to accompany mygf.. dear so sorry dear.. but i can tell you dear, i miss u so much.. ^^ bcs of u i can do all thing.. ^^ thank you dear.. ^^ and dont angry me o if this 2 days i didnt accompany dear.. My dear on 19 dec no mood.. haiz... but its k, at night i call her and we chat happy. i hope its will make her happy.. ^^ smile always dear..^^
today 20 dec. tired day also.. help carry things a lot from foyer to 5th floor..haha.. but its fun,. ^^
on 17 dec i called to my gf and we chit chat so many things. and i call her xiao baby.. ^^ she said i call so funny.. ^^ hehe... than she called me big baby.. hehe... we on the phone more than 1 hour... i very happy.. ^^

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