Monday, January 11, 2010

first day of sem 4

haha.. today woke up later. woke up around 7.40. hehe.. i just go brush teeth and wash face than go eat break fast. hehe^^. first subject is my accounting. my xi huan de subject.. hehe.. but i forget all the account.. hehe.. and my f4 and 5 use BM. now is BI. haha.. a bit harder.. ^^ but its k. i will try it.. ^^
today i saw my dear dear.. ^^ i feel shy.. haha.. so sorry that i not go to u dear.. i really shy.. hehe.. i really want with u dear at the time.. but i having class. hehe. sorry dear. ^^ after meet with my dear, and the way i wlk to the computer lab my dear msg me.. hehe.. she so cute. ^^ muacksssssssss... love u dear.. ^^ and i like her sms that said "dear i very misss you very much and kissssss". muacks !!!!!!!! hehe... after that i went to my class ^^
around 4 we smsing and i ask her eat together. but she got something to do so its k. after she done. she sms me and ask me. whether want go pyramid or go rock cafe. and i told her that i probility cant go pyramid bcs i cant back home too late. i ask my dear go with her friend lo ^^.. but tuesday we will meet .. ^^ muacks...
sunday, we watch movie together ^^.. in the cinema dear's hand are cold and i just hold her hand.. so sad that i cant make her warm. i want to hug her. but the chair very hard for us to hug. hehe... i want to take out my clouth and give her. but i scare ppl around me will run away.. hehe. haha.. ^^ dear dear.. am i funny or crazy ppl?? haha.. at night we went play badminton. at the last all my family know my dear ^^.. muackssssss.. dear i love u so much.. ^^
today have 3 hours break. in that time i and jeff went to pyramid and we went to popular.. i bought 1 small note book. and i want to record daily for my money used. ^^.. i post until here first. hehe.. ^^ lastly, i love my dear more and m0re ^^

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