Monday, November 25, 2013

24 Nov 2013

Sunday, i had spend almost a day with her.. 24 Nov is my special day and i wont let this day unhappy.. because its a good to me..
Saturday night we and my few friends went to the astro battle.. we watch the dance and the pop.. and she said her friend was join the competition and its amazing.. when we reach he at the stage performed.. hahaha... we enjoy the dance and also know few friends... after we watch we eat at jalan petaling.. after that we going home. after i back home i not sleep until 4 am.. because i rushing make the stars for her.. and i wrote my feeling to her.. make her to be strong and do not get hurt with the relationship.. awhile i make the stars my eyes keep closing.. hahaha... finally i done with it and put 2 dian er for her.. which mean hope she have a good mans to love her and protect her.. i should want make 99 dian er but i cant make it.. because it take 5 mins to make one... so i no time to do this.. sorry about this.. 99 mean forever..
we morning go to church after church we had lunch at paradigm mall at chilli restaurant. hahaha.. i enjoy it and first i think why she not keep look at her phone and smsing wth him leh?? is it they have a problem? argue or already become single?? and i ask her and she said ntg lo... after we had our lunch we walk walk and not longer she feel want go for the motor show.. at PWTC, i willing to go with her again.. i already went there on Saturday.. hahaha... at the end we went to the PWTC.. in side i keep see her, she start pressing her phone.. and i go see her... hahha.. at first not her bf.. i feel... wow... now she have more friends... good... but i saw her phone that her bf name.. i feel sad... hahaha... she keep busying chat and press her phone... haiz.... after that night we having dinner with chee hong so we 3 having dinner and talk a lot.. we have fun and also chat with ch mum... his mum very friendly.. hehhee... we finish eat our dinner we going home.. on the way home we also have talk and i tell her about my feeling .. but i still have some cant tell her... i dont know why... but i just want to say i still love her... yes you have bf and i will protect you when you need it.. ^^ i also dont know why i do this... maybe i love you too much gua... some of my friends and my family member said to me you sot liao la... but i tell them you cant ajudted us like this.. not i kena use or play... is i ask her and she ask me so... so cant be i sot... hahhaa.... okay la... its already pass and we just a friend... i just wish her happy... ^^ i will always curi curi love you from behind...


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