Friday, December 6, 2013

Dec 2013

Its December.. end of the 2013 year. now i have to plan my saving money... i do not want to spend into other not useful thing... i planning that i want to save 50% of my salary and other 10 for church and 5 for offering and 10 for my parents and other 25 for my daily use... but i think twice that i cant save too much... i just want to use the kwsp way for help me save my future money... so i will take out 22% from my income. and other 15% in Church. 33% i will put in my FD... and other i will spend on my daily use like shopping, play badminton and other... i hopefully i can control my saving plan and try do not expend more than 30% from my income.. because in future my family need the money.. so i feel that i can manage my plan well. i also want to learn English well and must change my life to be active and more active in my work side... i waste my time with my useless things and waste my time on someone that i really love so much.. but for me i and her cant be back and be a good end... so i feel that its good for me to let her go and just focus on my work and my family and important is my Jesus... Yes i long time did not go to my Own church but for me important is our hearth is for Jesus and keep pray to HIM. when i am down i feel of thinking of someone... human can hurt me but Jesus not leave me alone.. for people do not know who are HIM maybe though i keep pray but HE not reply my pray. i can tell you all when we pray HE is listening to us and want us to be more pray to him and make our heart to JESUS only... HE will give the way for us.. the Best way... Believe me... Jesus is the Way To the Heaven...


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