Monday, December 9, 2013

marry cant divorce

Marry is a wonderful moment. Marry to someone cant be force, cant be want have sex, cant only for play, cant be only love. Forever together for marriage the thing is must have communication, no secret and also from God's Jesus. When we have to decided to live with him or her must accept all his or her what he or she had all things. As a husband love his wife so much because of his wife very pretty and few years later specially when his's wife pregnant, its really hard for women to back to slim.. some more women hormone is more than men so we cant hope wife to be slim as soon as possible. Next, when husband and wife together do not have hide anything with each other. example they had their own mobile phone and we can put our password and we must let our partner know because husband and wife 2 become 1. other example, for the bank account. can have 2 account but the amount each other must know about it. cannot said this is for own private and for future if he or she do not want have the treasure. when he or she got plan for this so one of them or both of them willing to divorce in future or might have think for break up. every partner also have the problem. divorce cant make the problem settle. so guys lets think twice and divorce not make a good deal for settle the problem. every partner sure have the problem.. problem make us more know each other well.. for a lot example, for a small things like toothpaste not press from bottom to top and argue come out. So i want to tell u all do not play with the marry.. God's Jesus do not want us to divorce...

Anton Winoto

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