Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life nowadays

Life nowadays

Everyone do their best in their relationship, friendship and Families.

Although some might not, But I've tired my best, even there have some problems sometimes, But I always thought people will be appreciate what I did.

I can be jokes in front of you, I can be maid or even an angel for you.

But Don't take me for granted.  I respect anyone who respect me. I love anyone who love me.

But I know in some kind of relationship, The longer you stay, the faded it will be.
I told many guys " never stop chasing a girl" even she had belongs to you.
No doubt, in this world, there a lots of girls being sacrificed for guys.... which i do believe

As a girl, I will sacrificed for you as well, but I realized The more I sacrificed for you, the more you take me for granted. Don't ever try to do that.  

Just to remind you, once I turn away, I will never come back.
Even though I will regret, Even I think about you sometimes, But I know what I want. I choose to live better or happier. People always says that It's hard to continue chasing but It's harder to give up.

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