Friday, September 27, 2013

A question frm a friend

I remember that got one friend ask me... Why you believe in Jesus? Why you follow Jesus? Which want you choose betweem Jesus and Eniledgam? I believe in Jesus is because He is alive and love me and care me... He is the true God! Why i follow Jesus? Is it beacuase i frm small i am Christian? The answer is no. First of all I got touch by Jesus.. When i was hate my dad last time and i am really dont like and keep inside my heart... One day our church join the KKR which is a part of praise the God and know more about God... That time the pastor spoke that Jesus said someone here got get hurt and hate by parent... The person is who please come out and lets pray... That time i dont know out of sudden i still blank, i kena pull by someone and the pastor look at me... He start to pray for me... The pastor said Jesus love you son... HE knows you... Then the pastor hug me and out of sudden i cry like a baby... After awhile i am feeling better... I also dont know how come i can cry... Its really God's hand touching me..mso i believe Jesus and Follow Jesus... After this i not feel hurt frm my heart and i feel release my hate to my dad... The last want... Between Jesus and her, yes i love her and i also love Jesus... But i will choose Jesus... Beacuse of Jesus is a God and this is the first place in my heart... The second is her... I can say here is i can die for her... Thats mean she still importand to me... ^^ this make me change a lot and i feel i more love you if you are not mine... I just want you to be happy girl and feel xinfu... Bcs you have your own choice, and i just want to say here you are the first girl in my heart and that only i love... No one can replace it... ^^
Anton Winoto

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