Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today was headache about work... One by one all the worker wanted to leave... One say next month want go back.. Other one next year january my last month.... All worker train by me all well done all want to go... Wtf!!! I wanted to get other position to go out sales for this end of year but i heart it i damn no mood and feel how come all good and now want stop work? Do i do wrong? Got 2 nepal staff do with me income low... Yeah i knw.. Their agent eat them more... But i meed belanja them eat and drinks! And nw? All wanted to go bcs of the reason of salary not enough.... They wanted add rm 220, wtf! They told my other staff said i say if u all do nicely i will give extra rm 50-100 but end of month the bos not give? I told them how many days u mc in a month? They said non! I said u this month already mc 3 days and last month 1 days,... And you still do a lot mistake! Still blame me that i not give bonus! Haiz.... All about money!!! The worker eyes only got $$$... No value of the person.... I told them when ur salary is rm 1k give us ur value of 1.2k so the boss see nice and will add extra bonus ma.... Dont think u get rm 1k and do 800 sure the bos dont like de ma.... Haiyo.... Other worker also... Want stop work and theexcuse sure not enough of the salary, haiz... Lazy talk already lah.... Give all to God....
Now i want go back home de... Feel tired and my nose bleeding.... Haiz.....

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