Friday, September 20, 2013

Feeling to you

I remember i had a dream that you come back frm jb and the bus accident and i was crying and worry about you. I tell myself what happen to you i will still beside you and accompany you until die.. For example that you lost your leg and i will be your leg, if you lost your eyes i will be your eyes... This wat i am promise..... At the end i know that you was go to heaven... I feel damn sad and i am crying until infront of your parent... And i tell them i will always love you forever i wont get other girl replace me... When i wake up my tears was drop and sms to you dear i love you forever.... I feel i cant lost you... Because i am a normal ppl and i feel i can let you happy... Yes i know now we are not but i can say is i will always wait you... No matter 1 month, 1 year, 10 years... I will wait you.... Yes you cant get back to pass as a boyfriend... I want you to be my wife! This is i am serious.... But for now i cant get you... So i will wait you eniledgam. ^^
Anton winoto simple person... ^^

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