Wednesday, September 25, 2013

today's work.

Today i am tired and wake up late... i reach office at 833am my office started to open at 730 morning to 730 night. yesterday i slept at 2:30A.M and i feel i very tired but i still need to wake up do my job.... yes i am weak but i still need to be strong and do my work... i am leader i do not want let my bottom people look me not good leader... so i need give a smile with them... ^^ today i had scolded by my boss, he said i have something wrong today... in my heart said, wah, my boss can see me.. so geng de... hahhaa... but i said sorry boss... i will do my job properly... i go out do my job and i drive lift truck at inside alone... so i keep doing my work... suddenly my right leg like no feeling and very pain... and i stop down and press my leg... is it i too tired and not enough sleep? or i get whats illness?? omg!! i am scared!! out of sudden my eyes feel pain... i think is it my eyes problem?? i scare my eyes cant see again... if i cant see, who will bring me?? my parent?? yes they will but not for last long... so i dont think too much and keep my body health...
after awhile, suddenly i heard got people crying... i am feel scare!! remember last time i got told in the warehouse light?? wtf!! i am scare... and i keep listen the sound... after 15 secs the sound gone and i see around is it got people?? i see around no one there... haiz... maybe is my xin li zhuo yong bah... or i not enough sleep can heart that sound?? omg omg...
afternoon i go MOD my car, i am prepare to go genting for this friday or saturday mid-night with my few friend for flying car... hahaha... they all use honda CRZ, but me use honda accord old 96... hahhaa... never mind i can follow behind... hehehehe... wanted to put turbo in my honda... but need to spend around rm 13k... wow its too expensive... but for now i am still single i might have saving the account and thinking want to put or not leh?? worth it??

Anton Winoto. ^^

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