Friday, September 20, 2013

When i sleep i dreaming

I dreaming that i with her... I thought its a real! We went to lot 10 and we go for a shopping... And i pushing trolly... And out of suddent she pushing with me and i feel happy....when we go see the couple bear shop... She looks one she feel want to buy it... She said this is i want and she said she wanted to give him... Not me... I feel so sad.. And the worker at ther said this model need to wait for a week.. She feel sad and me also sad... She sad she cant buy for him... Me sad bcs i thought she want get back to me... Then we go out frm the shop and shewhole my hands and i dont let whole bcs i said you have him... You dont scare later out of sudden he come find you? And i tell myself do not get into thirt... And she replied wont la... And she said you be my bf for 1 day.... I feel happy but not this i want and reject her... I tell her my heart... I told her yes you are hurt and do not want back to the feeling but you have to choose one of him.. She said she cant back to last time... But she keep thinking of me... And i tell her, i want you be my wife not a status of gf. I am serious if you dont believe lets us go respgister..... She keep thinking and thinking... I say let you think you wan me to be your husband? And i am serious to you not a joke... She quite and thinking.... When we use escalator she told me she wants me back... I feel so happy and we go for a shop.... And i feel xin fu!! So we went for a shop and after we finish walk i said where you wan to go? She said let go other shopping mall... I said okay and i will follow you.. Then i feel happy that i have her... But this is the dream!! When i woke up... Wah liao.... Its a dream... And i woke up ky heart feel more sad.... To be serious... I hurt... Why this is a dream only... And i said if a dream i hope tthis the dream i wont wake up forever! Even thought its in the dream... I am really sad... Haiz.... Nvm... I pray to God. god thank you for new day, thank you for let me in good health....

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