Friday, September 20, 2013

Question mark?

I asking myself... Why people married and divorce can reunion become a husband and wife? Is its thier love still inside? Or the love is big? I am waiting my miricale come over me.... I pray to get back to her... Yes you had been watch movie alone feel lonely... Yes i had been thrue this... I went to melaka alone... I am really sad bcs i am stress and no idea where to go and go go to melacca... First i am thinking of her.. How are you? But i dont dare to ask her... I hurt her heart very deep... But i still go melacca alone... I reach there i dont know where to go... I keep lost way... I remember if she beside me know she will lead me... I feel i am a kids meed people to direct... I just go in malacca for 1 hour then i go back home... I am really very sad why i can happen to me? Haiz..... I feel my love to you nor much and my care and my safety to you and the faith to you less... So thats you let me go easyly... Yes might my fault... I did not give you my big love to you make you love me deeply... Haiz.... I just feel that you are a great gf i had and i want it only..... I still waiting for the time... :)

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