Monday, September 23, 2013

About myself 2

We in China we also do not think that we can reach China for study... This is from God's way... One thing that i know... My mum and me and my sister keep pray for my dad to believe in Jesus... Finally in 1998 middle of the year he believe in Jesus and his life have changes... He more care about family and house work... Because of indonesian demo we can go to china and learn to speak and write chinese.. And the most importand is my dad believe in Jesus... Thanks God... Everything is good to us... Dont think we have 有困难its bad to us... Its good to us... Some times we have smile and we also have the sadness... We also need to carry our cross everyday to follow Jesus... When we down we pray, HE give us stregth... Jesus wont leave us alone and he will always help HIS child. I know that pray not so fast answer but Jesus want us pray frm our true heart... God's lead us very well in life... He protect us in China... We never get hurt and cheat by friend around us... Really thanks to God... I love you Jesus... I also remember when i in the school got one day they have health for injection... So all student and teacher need to get injection frm doctor... I remember i scare of jarum... So i keep sleeping and do not wan to wake up... Until tell call me and i see the jarum i am shout and start crying... Hahaha! Think of last time i am so funny... A lot ppl laugh at me... 德秀怕打针,爱哭。 hahaha! At the end i dont let them inject my hand... And i remember the teacher call to my parent ask me go to the doctor place to have injection... I remember that time was weekend my mum, brother, sister and i going to the place to inject my hand... Bthat time i go lor... But i keep say i do not want... Around 1 we still cant find the clinic so my mum said dont find already and bring us go play... Like a sunway lagoon but that time entrances is free but when we ride 1 game we need to pay for a head of cost... I had been said my family not rich so that time my mum not enough money and she let 3 of us go play 2 games... I feel my mum love us so much!!! I love you mom! Muackssss.... Now i feel mum love three of of soo much... And i am sure all mother love her child so much because of we all in mother stomact for 9 months... Mother forever love thier son and daugther...
Anton Winoto

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