Saturday, September 21, 2013

i thought

in this pic whats the hot?? the black shirt lady... is look similarly to her.. first time i thought is her.. but i look longer is it her? and i said no la her hair is golden.. and this is black and the spec also different... but from beside look like her!!  i thought really her.. hahaha!!! really shock... i keep look at this young lady black shirt... its really look like her.. like last time her that black color hair.. hahahah!!! but now she became beautiful lady... sure a lot boys and men likes her... hope she can really happy with now and God bless you always...

Today i went to Melacca with Lam, we both went there just eat satay culup and go jungle street... hahaha... we had fun and eat a lot of foods... we eat 50 stick... and we use rm 39 for the satay and the drinks... first we want to go satay culup the famous and we look it need to Qiu for 1 hour so we change place but still eat satay... ^^ after that we went to jungle street... Jungle street is like a pasar malam... selling a lots of foods and the items... hehehe... at night we go back to kl... ^^

Anton winoto..

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