Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Finally i get back my blog. Really very long time no write my blogs. By the way i have gone thrue a lot of sadness in this year. I feel i am useless person, no colorful, lonely and emo! Maybe because i had done wrong thing? Leave her? Hurt her too deep ba.. Yeah i am hurt her but its a qi hua ma.. She knows me 3 years she should know what i mean ma... But i just relieze that she take it serious and get hurt deeply of my words. I in here say sorry to you Magdeline. I really hope to protect you love you care you and give my jian pang to you!
Until now i dont know why she got a bf? Is it want to qi wo ma? Can you tell me?
I believe that you still love me and you need time to settle out with him. Never mind i give you time but i really hope this year november 24 i can chase her and she acct me.. Do you know why 24 nov? Bcs its is a big day for me and her...

I wrote the blog until here bcs i am really tired do things and tmr need to go work de... Good nights all.

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