Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I am really very sad...

This is what i am sad and tdy i have seen her.... I am very disappointed to her... What she wrote in here just for a few days she get a new relationship... Yeah cant say is her fault bcs of me i hurt her.... She love me a lots and a lot memory.... But one of the sentence make us forever cant get back.... Haiz..... Why should this happen leh? I prefer not to be your bf  and i get hurt the pain until now... Is 10 months! But she get new bf! For me its so fast she can have a partner! Yes i am really hurt and pain! My ex get new bf! Why make this happen? I am really want to get back and she keep hurt me with her qi hua! Yes i told her i HATE IVAN GOH! I will remember his name and hate him! He can change my position within few months! Its amazinng guy! Or maybe she really get easy into new love? From this lesson i feel in this world no true love! I am the first gf that i had for 3years plus and just for few months know him and together! This is what the fuck you want!!! I already do what you still cant give me? You said you wan malaysian guy and jb and thats its? Its a bullshit! Like this i can change for you but you said imposible that get back to me! This really hurt for me... I get know a lot thing is bcs her.... I know iphone... I know blogs... I know placeses.... Just bcs of ivan my life is gone and she has ivan and happy! I am really dont knw what i should do? Bless them?.. Broke them? Or just leave? Haiz.... I feel this blog just let her see or maybe my brother will see this ba.... I feel i wan to stop this blogs and do whatever i want and keep my feeling in my heart bah.... I am really hurt of the words of LOVE! And the most of the feeling is gone! Cant sleep, cant work, cant eat, cant do well... And more... Its to scary to be love! I am fucking serious i want to tell the whole world that love not true!!! Only money can make it true!!!!
Anton winoto

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