Friday, September 20, 2013


I wish that you in kl i can protect you... Yes just for 2 sems... I hope you let me to be your shoulder... After that you go jb you will with him... Yes i know you have bf i do not want disturb but i am still love you.. I wan to protect you in kl... Just send you to church every sunday.... Like this i already happy.... Seriously... Yes you told me you can get her or his humanility but you cant get his or her heart... But i can tell you my heart just only have you.... But now you have a bf i just can beside to help you and make sure you are happy and safety in kl... This is what i want to do and this make me happy already... Yes we cant go back like last time... But i can tell you that i will always wait you.... This is my promise to you.... And i promise now i wont disturb you and him... Let time pass and see whether i have chance? I just can wait... Wait... And wait.... Hope thats my heart person will know and forgive me everything and lets start new... I will always wait you~

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