Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Early in the morning feeli

I feel that i am fail in my previos relationship.... And i do not dare to get into new relationship... I do not want get hurt and hurt ppl too... I just feel that i am weak when i do not with you..... I feel not like last time have the power of stregth to do all my thing... I not help house clean, lazy to wash own car and my room was messy... Is it LOVE is a big change? Make someone to have stregth to do all this? I feel its yes if you fall in love with someone how tired you are and when you meet him or her you will full energy... ^^ i also dont know when can i come back to my old anton to be strong do not be lazy ne? Just feel that i am a fool why i let her go? Yeah its good to let her go... Now she became more muture and pretty than last time.... She is a better person....^^ good to see her muture and i am the one still in the old house do not see the outside world.... What am i doing? Like one of my friend his's gf broke up with him and they still friend can go out eat and find each other but my friend he found a new gf which is 2 months later. He change a lot... He more knw friends and find the romantic places... Is it this the love can make you more better?? I feel i cant... Bcs i am not a simple or simply person.... Yes i had speak we break up but i am just want you.... The only you.... I dont dare to get back with you until now we had meet for the first time.... I look u different and i feel that you like a eagle flying in the sky and me like stil in the egg havent come out.... Hahaha..... Okay la... Say until here i need to do my work...

Anton winoto

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