Sunday, September 15, 2013


Haiz... I feel that really fool by her... I also dont know what happen right now? Is it nw she repect him and not sms to me when he with her? Then last time when u with me u keep sms with him! I feel that u really change and i do not know you.... And from here i can say that you really play me? Use me? Am i said correct or wrong ne? Haiz..... I just feel like i am a foolish man in the world... Haiz.... Really want know about this only i can over this relation!
Can i have choice to forget the hurt? I am really hurt... I am seriously,... I wan feeling that i want to die.... No mood to sleep, no mood to wake up.... All like no one in the world... Who can revive me? Who can bring me to the happiness world? I hope that i do not have my pass relationship! I am really get hurt very deeply!!! What should i do?? Who can tell me?


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