Sunday, September 22, 2013

About myself.

About me... My name is Anton Winoto came from Indonesia. I born in Surabaya Indonesia... In 1990 years April 14th morning i was born in this world.. I am a guy... Simple guy.. I like to play around when i am small.. I in Indonesia frm 1990 until 1998.. After that in 1998 to 1999 Feb i at China study. The reason i was in China because of Indonesia had democration so my whole family move to China.. Until 1999 Febuary we whole family holiday to Malaysia and that time my grandmother over my parent to stay in Malaysia.. At that time we have nothing.. My dad told me we are poor.. We have only less than rm12k USD. That money bring use to Malaysia and its not enough for 5 of us... Because of last time do not have airasia so all airplan were high price... That time i was small about 9 years old... I come to Malaysia i was very happy but i miss my time in China... Because of i have likes live in Guang Zhou... There is very kampung but all the people there are friendly.. Doesnt matter is uncle or young man all are very kind to us... I remember i was study in Guang Zhou we start class at 8-4 between that we have a lunch about 45 mins... We can choose to eat in the school or we can go home eat onky come back to school... That time i and my sister in the same school.. We go to school together and go back together... We had a wonderfull time between me and my sister.. Some times we had lunch in the school and some times my sister and i go back to house eat for our dinner... Bcs mum cook for us and my sister warm eat and cook rice and we can eat together... Hehehe... I really miss the time when i was in China... The memory is there... I am really enjoy with my sister the most.. Yes we have argue with her and happy... I also have fun with my brother too... After we end school i and my brother go to play football with the security man and some of the school friends... I remember i am the youngest and i feel they not bully me they encourrage me and treat me as his friend... We in China only for 8 months... Time was pass so fast and we enjoy it... I remember when dinner i and my sis and some times with my brother we three go to pasar buy food for our dinner... I remember we always buy chicken drum stick... Hehehe... I remember we always go to train station buy the small orange.. I remember ¥1.00 for one bag we can eat it full... I am really feel that time was really good... And my parent working some times 7 days aweek. And mostly is 6 days a week.. I remember they work daily from morning until night... When we go school they already go to work... And they need by bus go to thier work place... Some times i go with them... On saturday i go see they work and they bring me there... I remember the boss treat my sister good and my sister want the colour hair and the boss gave to my sister for free.. Wow... I also feel happy that i have this family... Yes my parent work hard for our future... I remember every sunday we have to go church and i remember my mum is the one finding the church where is it... Bcs in China Christian very hard to find... So my mum heard from ppl got near the jing nian da xue... So frm my house to there need to take 45 mins to 1 hour... We need to use by bus and transit 2 bus.. When my parent have to work, we three brother and sister go by ourself... Its really fun and we three close with each other... Yes the church not big as indonesian... But we have find one of the chirts family... We have less than 15 ppls all of them are from Indonesian.. So we have meet our own contry and fellowship... We have great time in China... We have meet our own contry in China,.. We have great time with them too... Yes only once in a week we meet... But we really close with each other... When we want go to Malaysia and need to fen li... We have cry and sadness... Bcs like we are family and want to fen li... Yes we are family... But they still pray to us and bless us for a safety... I am really feel she bu de... I also cry when i fen li with them which mean leave China... I am crying... I feel sad...
Here is my China life...
Anton Winoto

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