Monday, September 23, 2013

Heaven and Hell

Good Morning,
Yesterday night i was see on my fb and i watch one video which is one of the korea drawer Jesus bring her to see real Hell (neraka) how its was there... When people not believe in Jesus and dont bother what God's says when people in the hell will get punishment... Like people steal things and they will get hurt in the hell.. When we bluff people they will get hurt from the devil they will torment by pin through our body... When we drunk and smoke the snkae will come out from our mouth and more... Thats is what we not obey to Jesus. I just want to say to all the world believe and not believe Jesus please follow HIM, HE is the way to the heaven and pieces... Yes we are not holy and human sure have choice... We can drop into the gap, because the devil want us to follow setan and do not let us follow Jesus to Heaven... Jesus always open up HIS hand for us who willing to follow HIM and HE would forgive those who are really feel guilty and Jesus will forgive us. Merciful Jesus, HE is nringing us to the right path. So people come follow Jesus! Yes we have to gonne through many of challenges and we keep pray to Jesus, HE will give up strength!
Anton Winoto

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