Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today i feel happy.. Bcs its Sunday... I go with her... When i reach her house i saw her house want to sell... I am shock. If sell liao where she need to move? I am worry about this... When i wait her in outside... The owner rent the house and rent to her come back frm outside and i go down and ask her. Aunty is it the house wanted to sell? She said the owner want to sell and i said how for the ppl rent the room? The aunty said its okay, they have the contract until next year... I feel relax... I am thinking to buy that house and be the house owner... Yes that a lot of my memory... But i am worker and i might thinking can i buy that house? I try to call the ppl in charces. But they never pick up... Nvm i think if they want to sell around 600k i might can buy it... She come and in the car she silince and keep look at her phone... Yes i am feel happy but i feel that she dont like out with me... But i want her go church... I do not mind she not love me anymore... What can i do is i want her go to church and keep close to her religion... When reach at the place... I go in and listen... The passanger speak to us, we must take God in number one do not let other thing overcome Jesus... He said we cant love money more than Jesus... Bcs Jesus will lead us the good way for us... I learn this and i will remember forgive all to Jesus and love HIM in number one.... For me my church last time and now i go... Its the same thing.. Same thing to speak about God's words... Just we can listen and think to positive... After that we go for lunch... Yeah we have great time... We speak like a close friend... We talk alot and sharing... But i still jealous that she got him... To be honest i still love her... Hope she is happy... And he will give you the best.. But when i ask bout him... Bcs we talk until about him and i am wanted to knw about him and her... She told me that last week her bf came to kl and he stay at her room... In first time i am feel hurt and jealous... But i am telling to myself anton now she is your friend not your gf... Yes i am hurt... After we ate we go back to the car... We got spoken about the pass... I telling her that her friend got find me and ask about her and me.... Yes i am selfish... I am still make a wrong choice and hurt you for few months... Yes he come and raise you up... Maybe he is your 王子。i also got explain to her why i am selfish and why i am say about my goods to other ppl and also bad about her... Not say about bad about you... Is i am hurt bcs i am not give you a deeply love frm me... Yes i might xiao qi in money... This point i am not good in.... I also feel i am 自卑,我不是很好的人。让您伤心,担心和寂寞。i also told her in real life i can see... I and him... He is more better than me... I feel that i am useless like last time i said before... I am nothing.... When i said this out of sudden she cry and i am shock and feel want to hug her... But i am telling myself anton she not yours! She had other ppl! Yes, we are pass but i am still love you the heart... Yeah a lot ppl more pretty and cute... But i love you all! I feel you are pretty, cute, and the most importand is she knows me more than i know myself... And she have a true heart for loving someone... This why i love you... No one can be like you.... Your heart is really i want...


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