Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feel lonely and like alone...

After i broke up with her i feel sad for a few months i keep saying to myself to let me busy with work but i cant forget what i have with her.... This is really meaning full and hardly to forget.... Can say this is my first love to me... All that i have done is with her... Cook for me care me, help me in studies... And a lot more... I am quite missing that time so,etimes i feel nothing to do i wanted to find someone to accompany me... Last time heah i have a full time bcs i had her... Now no more... Now she always keep refuse to meet with me... Maybe she dont wan to get hurt by me gua? Or maybe she try to hide me? Or she want to try get love with her bf ? Haiz.... She real a good girl but she just a bit think too much.... Haiz.... Pass its pass... Really cant get back to the pass... Now i might to think is it he last time got love her so dont dare to say out... After she broke up with me, he have her... Haiz.... I also dont know... Is it you very easy to give up on our 36 months and 9days? If yes then i am really really sad... And i think i am not importand to you... Just for 5 months he can with you... Which mean his love to you for 5 months can change with our relationship frm sadness to happiness 36months and 9 days just replace him? Haiz.... Or she really not love me?? Haiz..... :'( i am really dont believe in love to women... Its too scary for me to think about this... Nw i want to get her... I want to take her frm him... But she likes obey him or scare to hurt him... Just think you love who more? Do not lost your chances to be with your lover back! Haiz.... Maybe he always sms to you and always whasapp you until get closer to you and become likes.... Haiz.... Just this can create your love to him.... Haiz.... I also feel very sad... Yes i am not a handsome man and smart man but i am the only one in the world and i know whats is love! Yeah i got betray you one times... But i am honestly to let you know it... And you accept me and forgive me... I am really more love you bcs of this i promise myself to let you happy.... But at the end gone.... Its really sad for me.... Its hurt.... You cant wait me or chase me back.... Haiz.... 世界上有三种爱。第一是无缘有份,第二有缘有份,第三无缘无份。应该我们是第几个哪'?

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