Thursday, September 12, 2013


Fridayits Friday!! Hehehe... Today come back for work.. Still not feeling well but need force myself to work... Early in the morning go to office... Feel tired and wan sleep... But i need to do my job well... Slow doesnt matter do not do wrong can de... I feel i am different with last time... TodAy came to work i do sirim with my staff i keep quite and do my job... Until they talk i reply only.... I feel i no topic to talk until got related to work only i go talk v them....
I feel it is i am not value to you? I am really dont knw what i am doing now.... I feel love isomeone very hard... Can get person but cant have her heart its useless... Haizzzz.... I feel wan to give up? Or still continue ne? I am really cant be myself... Who can drive me?

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