Monday, September 23, 2013


When i love you, you dont love me. When you love me, i dont love you.
When i miss you, you not miss me. When you miss me, i not miss you.
When i trust you, you dont believe me. When you trust me, i dont believe.
When he or she here for you but she or he do not care anout it...
Time is always go, time do not reverse back ... Its might be pass but you must do your best.
We do not regret when its already pass.. I believe you still have the chances to cover back it and do it well..
Do not easy give up when you do anythings and keep trying even through its fail. From the fail we are more get knowlegde and know our weakness.
I am really miss you... I wamt to ask how are you? How was your day? What should i can help you?
When you weak I want to hug you make you strong... I want to be your ears when you need someone to speak. You are always with me... Even though its pass i still always belongs to you and support you... Yes i might not be yours but i will try the best to protect you and keep you safe and healthy... I also dont know why i keep missing her... Maybe we are not strong to face this... But i believe you are happier than last time... I want you to be happy queen.. Even though you not love me or love me... I hope you always smile...  You smile makes your day happy and makes you more pretty... ^^
Anton Winoto

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