Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tonight i go dinner with her, i feel very happy and think that we have a great time together and sharing. When i reach at her house she not look at me.. Sad lor... After she in my car, she keep look at her mobile phone and not talk to me until i start talk to her. When i ask and she reply... :,( sad but its okay bcs i still having dinner with her.. We went to eat bubur! Yay!! We reach there and we order.. :) when the food is serve and her msg suddenly ring up and i look at her phone, its Him! He whatsapp her call dear.. I feel very sad i am silince around 3 mins... But i tell myself anton do not think too much just act like nothing and keep eat our dinner.. Our dinner have done and i send her back home. I asked her do you have something to ask me? She replied no. Wah its sad lor.. After i send her back home i went to sunway pyramid and get my things and i bought something for her... But dont dare to give her lor.... I also got do one thing for her but i cant wrote here.. Hehehe... If i get it i will share in here.. :)
Tonigh i also ask her about them.. But i feel that i cant give her the happyness.. Bcs i scare she cant forget him(now). I also jealous that they both already kiss... I very sad lor.... Really jealous... I do not have faith to let her happy when she back with me. Because i do not have friends do not rich.. I just scare that she will xin gu follow me... But i will try my best to get her back lor...
My heart really hen luan...
I feel she likes him but not love him lar... I feel she still care about me but she told me that she cant face me bcs of the wall...
I wrote until here i need to do my staff..

Your faithfully,
Anton Winoto.

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